Mahanaim Institute of Theology
  • We have informal training institutes to train the tentmakers and career missionaries , literate and illiterate, young and old, men and women, rich and poor to use them in Church planting and shepherding.

  • We are teaching Languages( Hebrew, Greek, English and Hindi), Bible, Theology, Missiology, Tentmaking, Mangement, Basic law.etc..

  • Also arranging seminars time to time to encourage our co-workers.

  • We are arranging Gospel meetings to share the love of God in our targeted areas ,if there is possibility.

  • If not possible for Public Gospel meeting ,we are looking for creative and innovative methods to share the gospel.


Seminars are arranged by Mahanaim ministries and partnering with other missions to edify, encourage and envision the believers and Pastors /Missionaries in various parts of our nation in vernacular languages.