Outreach & Community development programmes

Outreach ministries
  • Mahanaim ministries believes that the souls may not come to the mission compound to hear the Gospel, But the believers have to go, where there is souls.

  • To share the gospel & to reach the society , Mahanaim ministries practicing various methodologies according to the situation and by the leading of the Spirit of God.

  • Mahanaim ministries conducting open air meetings in the streets and cottage meetings in the residence of new believers to reach.
Open air meetings

Cottage prayer meetings


Charity for Change (CFC)

Social work wing of Mahanaim Ministries

CFC also known as Communities for Christ, is working for the community development along with Mahanaim Ministries as a registered Charitable Trust with the following activities:

1.Educational Development

2.Medical attention

3.Farmer welfare

4.Documentation centre

5.Rural Development

6.National Integration & Patriotic Development

7.Award presentation

Community College

Community College is a formal secular college for the school drop outs and it’s gives job oriented courses for the under privileged youths in our mission fields.

Mahanaim ministries trains the Tentmakers in the MIT, as well as prepare them with skill trainings with this Community colleges.

Tuition centres
  • Charity for change provides Rent with the help of Mahanaim ministries, for the tuition centre and a honorarium to meet the general expenses of this centre.

  • Totally 34 poor children are studying in various schools from subramaniapuram are attending the Tuition at Subramaniapuram centre.

  • We are expecting more children to join this free tuition in the coming days and we are ready to help the poor and under privileged children to get their education in proper standard.

  • We have similar centres at Thayilpatti,Shanmugapuram, Srivilliputhur.etc.
Blood Donors club
  • Mahanaim youth team organising Blood donation camps at the Maranatha Church campus during the time of Christmas,New year,Good Friday …etc, to donate the blood to Government Hospital in the presence of GH Doctors and at GH during Mother Theresa’s birthday and on blood donation.

  • After the formal registration of Charity for Change, this Blood donors club also became the wing of this Charity.

  • We started with 40 donors in our club ,who having the flowing groups.

  • A+ 9, A- 3,B+ 10,B- 2,O+ 8, O- 2, AB+ 3, AB- 3,

Medical Camps
  • Mahanaim Ministries sending the missionaries to get medical trainings in Christian Medical College , Vellore and using them to do medical ministries in their respective mission fields.

  • The trained medical missionaries are visiting villages as mobile medical team to screen and treat the poor.

  • Mahanaim ministries periodically organizing Medical camps with more specialized doctors.
Other community development programmes
  • Mahanaim ministries organizing sports and games to establish the contact and friendship in our mission fields.

  • Providing free sewing machines to the poor and needy and most of the time providing for installment repayments.