Media ministries

Recording Studio
  • Mahanaim Ministries has a small recording studio to produce Video and Audio CDs/DVDs.

  • This studio is equiped with Music Instruments,PA systems, Recording systems, Computers..etc

  • Already we produced Children DVDs, VBS song DVDs, Devotional albums etc..
King James Bible Society-India
  • KJBS is a Free Bible distribution wing of Mahanaim Ministries in India.

  • KJBS providing Bibles freely to the needy, poor, seekers of Christ and the very poor new generation Christians.

  • KJBS gifting the Bibles to the students, Government officials, Political leaders and influencers of the society during Christmas, New year & Resurrection day celebrations.
Biblical Library
  • Mahanaim Ministries has a library with thousands of books in the field of Bible, Theology, Missiology, Languages, Leadership, Management.etc..

  • Its enriched with variety of Bibles, Dictionaries, Commendaries,Lexicons,Bible study books & guides,Maps.etc..

  • Also its contains literatures, Grammar books, Magazines,periodicals,Journals,News papers. etc.

Tracts & Gospel book Distribution

Jesus Film shows