About Us

Mahanaim Ministries was started by Godís grace and guidance in the year of 2000 by Pastor Paul P. Radhakrishnan.

Paul P.Radha krishnan, Came to Christ from an traditional Hindu family, when he was in School days and the Lord moulded him in Student ministries. After his Engineering college days ,the Lord used him to plant a church in his own tiny village then moved to other unreached areas to plant churches.


Mahanaim Ministries involving in the following works of God;

1. Church planting and Shepherding.

2. Teaching and Training.

a) Bible and Mission Training.

b) Gospel meetings and seminars.

3. Creative ministries among Children, Youth and Women.

4. Campus ministries.

5. Media ministries.

6. Pastoral and young leaders fellowship.

7. Outreach and Community development.